• <span>Improving</span>stakeholder satisfaction

    Improvingstakeholder satisfaction

  • <span>Driving</span> business growth

    Driving business growth

  • <span>Align</span> culture with vision

    Align culture with vision

  • <span>Turn</span> weaknesses into strengths

    Turn weaknesses into strengths

  • management consulting

  • succession planning

  • hr consulting

  • interim management

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    We provide bespoke Services to our clients in the Middle East.

Why choose us

Understanding the culture and needs of our clients is key to providing our professional services.

We gained experiences and reputation from our activities since the late eighties in the Middle East.Switzerland is known for its precision and attention to details, skills that contributed to lead the world for watches. Its secrecy is fundamental for Swiss Banks, which are famous for providing Investment services. Given these ethics as a foundation, you can be assured of our utmost confidentiality and diligence. None of our clients is ever disclosed to a 3rd party.





Many a times our services are called for when there is already a Problem. Solving Problems is only part of a solution. The second part is to ensure the right systems are in place. While we don’t provide systems, we will recommend you the one that is right for you and can implement it to ensure they work in line with your culture and policies.


Ideally, we are called in when setting up a new Company, Division or Business Unit, as that is the best time to lay the proper foundation.Once done, you need not worry for growth as all aspects are built in already.

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